Welcome to Celtic Oaks Appaloosas!

During my years of owning horses, I was frequently asked, “What kind of horse do YOU like?” My standard answer was, “I like a good horse.” By that, I meant any horse that cheerfully did the job he was asked to do. That was because I was, first and foremost, a teacher, and my partners were my school horses.

In the fall in 1997, that answer was amended to add “ … but if I am going to breed horses, I am going to breed Foundation Appaloosas!”

Ulrich’s Monarch was responsible for that change. He was 13 when we met and he was a major part of my life until his death in December 2004. Before that, he was a fundamental part of two Foundation Appaloosa programs. First was of Don and Mary Ulrich, his breeders, who spent nearly two decades producing leopard Foundation Appaloosas on their Wyoming ranch. Monarch was one of their reference sires when the Ulrichs dispersed their herd in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Milton and Mary Decker, of DREA Red Eagle Appaloosas in Oregon, purchased him in 1993.

“Papa” was an excellent example of the Foundation Appaloosa, combining the hardiness, calmness, dedication and graciousness of the Native American family’s equine partner with the distinctive and recognizable Appaloosa coat pattern. He passed on these qualities in his offspring, as well.

Here at Celtic Oaks, the goal was to continue to produce a high standard of Foundation Appaloosa, a horse with the beauty, movement and color to fulfill the needs of the most discriminating owner. The breeding program has been suspended indefinitely for several reasons, not the least of which is the economy.  Not only that, but as a responsible breeder, I don’t want to have to sell a yearling or weanling in order to make room for more on the way.  If I cannot commit to feeding the ones I create, then I have no business creating them.  Besides that, at the moment, any foals produced would be for me to keep; since I have just the right number of mouths to feed, the mares will have other jobs to do.

I am pleased and proud to announce that Monarchs Eagle Legacy was sold to Michael Snow, of Spirithorse Appaloosas in Burleson, Texas.  “Jamie” will have his first foal crop on the ground in 2009.

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