Ellen’s childhood

March 29, 2009

wishard-danner-and-ggdanners-christmas-19741This photo was taken by Mom, with my camera (my trusty Instamatic) at Christmas, 1974, at Grandma and Grandpa Danner’s house in Inverness, Florida.  That’s Grandpa and Grandma Danner on the left, Gram Wishard with Grandpa Wishard hiding behind Kathy, me (on crutches), Ellen, and Dad. 

See that expression on Ellen’s face?  It was perpetual back then.  I would like to share a poem that I wrote for her and she had saved all these years.  Russell found in among her things in storage and stuck it in a copy of George Stubbs’ “Anatomy of the Horse,” which I now have.  When I got home and read it, so many memories came back!  Anyway …  it’s called “To My Favorite 12-Year-Old” and would have been written around the time of this photo.


Sitting in my quiet room, I remembered long ago,

When I was lonely growing up and thought no one else could know

How hard it was, how mean they were, how bad life treated me –

And that’s the way you act to us, your confusion I can see.

I prayed to God tonight to help, to help me understand,ellen-at-state-fair-1975

To make me patient when I’m not, to offer you my hand.

I want to be your friend, I do, for that we both must try,

For friends make growing easier, and I hate to see you cry.

Dear Sister, you’re a pretty one, especially when you smile,

You’ve so much living yet to do – come pray with me awhile.


                                    I love you


Here’s another photo, this time with her signature smile.  She was getting ready to show Windpin (aka “Pooh”) in the Quarter Horse show at the Florida State Fair in February 1975.