My baby sister Ellen

March 17, 2009:  I thought, when I first decided to dedicate a page to Ellen on my website, that I would find it easy to write about her and her life.  It’s not.

She was born October 26, 1962, and died suddenly on November 25, 2008. 

I wanted to begin this page so that her family and friends could share stories and photos of her.  I feel as tho I didn’t really know her over the last few years, and her friends in Guam didn’t know her before that.  Somehow, she had become two different people, and yet both completed the Ellen that we loved.

I don’t know about Mom and Kathy, but I was so surprised when Ellen said she was moving to Guam, early in 2005.  Actually, she told me at dinner at Mom’s on Christmas Eve, 2004.  She was going over with a boyfriend who had taken a job as a chef with the Marriott resorts there.  When I asked what Ellen would be doing, he replied, “Whatever Ellen wants to do!”

That, apparently, included training as a flight attendant and then moving on to supervisory and training duties, all involving flying in aircraft of various types and sizes.  That was another shock, as I had been under the impression she hated to fly.  But then, it made perfect sense, because it seemed like Ellen drove herself to do all the things – and do them exceedingly well – that she hated.  Like riding a horse up a steep bank …

I won’t pretend to tell the story of her life in Guam, as I wasn’t there and it’s not mine to tell.  It’s my hope that her husband Russell and her many, many friends will weave the tale for the rest of us.  Russell has provided us with an impressive collection of photos and there are more to come, mostly from my photo albums, as well as photos collected by Ellen herself.

So please join me as we put together the pieces of her life.  As her friend Calista wrote to me today:  “She spread her seeds of love and happy thoughts here in the

For that she is remembered by us.” 


Photo credit – Russell Price




March 29, 2009:  Today, Russell emailed what he says will be the last (or second to last) batch of pictures he will be sending.  That means that I can pick up and begin sending more of the old ones that I am finding in my albums.  For now, I will email them as well in case there are folks who don’t want to, or haven’t yet, subscribed here.

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