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Because I am working on updating the other pages on my website, I won’t be posting here much; check back later tho.  There will be discussion here soon.  Thanks for visiting!

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  1. loricannon says:

    Hi Kathy, my name is Lori and I was a roommate of Ellen’s at William Woods College. i have tried to contact her off and on since we graduated but couldn’t find her. Last night I tried again and found that she had passed away! I am so sad and sorry. I would love to hear about her and her life! Did she have any children? Please contact me and I would love to share any memories of her that I can remember! Lori

  2. Kaite says:

    Hi, Lori! I am sorry that your search for Ellen brought you bad news, but I sure am glad that you are here. Ellen did not have any children, tho she had “brothers,” her many dogs, cats, horses and parakeets. Mom and I just returned from a trip to Guam to visit her husband Russell, and to meet the people she loved, who made her so happy. It was a very special trip for us and I will be posting pictures and stories from my journal in the next few weeks (750 pictures is a lot to choose from!). Please share your memories when you have a moment. Her college years were special to her too, and all part of who she was. Thanks again for writing. Kaite

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